Marquis Series

High performance 64-bit workstations optimized for scientific and engineering applications

C539 C542 (NEW) C543 (NEW)
Processor One Intel® 13th Gen Core (24 cores max) One Intel® Xeon® W-2400 (24 cores max) One Intel® Xeon® W-3400 (56 cores max)
Chipset Intel Z790 Intel W790 Intel W790
Memory Up to 192GB DDR5-5200 (Dual-Channel) Up to 2TB DDR5-4800 ECC (Quad-Channel) Up to 4TB DDR5-4800 ECC (Eight-Channel)
Target Next geneneration desktop performance with Intel hybrid architecture Mid-range HEDT workstation designed for moderate & bandwidth-sensitive workloads High-end HEDT workstation engineered for professional workloads and multi GPU
Starting Price $1,599 $2,444 $3,961
K839 K838 K841 (NEW)
Processor One AMD® Ryzen 7000 (16 cores max) One AMD® Threadripper Pro (64 cores max) One AMD® Epyc 9004 (128 cores max)
Chipset AMD X670 AMD WRX80 AMD Epyc SOC
Memory Up to 128GB DDR5-5200 (Dual-Channel) Up to 2TB DDR4-3200 REG ECC (Eight-Channel) Up to 3TB DDR5-4800 REG ECC (Twelve-Channel)
Target Next geneneration AMD Zen4 desktop with uncompromised cost and performance High-end HEDT workstation designed for professional workloads and multi GPU Next geneneration AMD Zen4 HEDT workstation designed for massively parallel computation
Starting Price $1,522 $3,353 $3,741
Phone: 1.510.249.5900